From: Chris Parsons
I know it's going to sound crazy, but everything you've heard about building a Happy, Healthy Marriage is wrong...

(I know because I tried all the "common advice" when I was struggling in my own marriage, only to be left feeling more frustrated and bitter than before after all my effort wasn't appreciated).

You might think you have to work on communicating your feelings better, or beg and punish your spouse to get them to care about your hurts and dissatisfaction.

That's actually a mistake. I'm about to explain why. Plus, I'm going to give you the way to create the marriage of your dreams so that you can finally feel the joy and harmony in your home that you dreamed of when you first got married.

I started out coaching married individuals with a spouse that had "checked out" and wasn't interested in working on things. Through that process, I found that the typical approach of working on the marriage was all wrong, because I was able to create complete marriage transformations by working on the PERSON. This is a radically new approach to drastically improving your marriage (that doesn't rely on waiting for your spouse to change).

And I'm going to show you how to do it simply by:

Taking Personal Responsibility to start creating the change you want to see, with or without your spouse's acknowledgment that things need to change. This changed everything for me and my marriage 7 years ago.

My marriage, 7 years ago:
I loved my wife. I thought the world of her. But I secretly kind of hated her. I was hurt and resentful of feeling like my needs didn't matter, my happiness wasn't important, constantly being torn down, everything and everyone else being more of a priority than me, and not valued or appreciated for anything I did. My wife felt unhappy, guilty for constantly feeling disappointed and even disgusted by me, like I didn't listen to her or her feelings didn't matter to me, and ultimately unfulfilled by our marriage.

We were often distant like we were just roommates, and at times things got pretty toxic with lots of arguing over the smallest things and mean, critical words said. 

In a nutshell, we both felt hurt, frustrated, disconnected, and angry with each other.

Thankfully, now... 

I finally feel and can see that my wife thinks highly of me. I feel appreciated for what I do and valued for who I am. She believes in me and encourages me. My wife finally feels heard, instead of over-powered, like she's free of being suffocated by me constantly needing things from her, has that attraction from when we were dating back, and the sense of fulfillment she'd longed for.

We're deeply passionate for each other and have peace instead of resentment in our home. I can't remember the last time we had an argument that lasted more than 15 minutes or went more than a couple hours without being affectionate towards each other.

I did something so simple it's hard to believe. I stopped pointing the finger blaming my spouse and started taking personal responsibility to create the change.

The result? A marriage that's everything I dreamed it could be.

Since then, we both feel acknowledged, all of our hurts are quickly resolved, we're more in love than ever (even with four young kids), both our needs are met, there's passion and our sex life has never been better!

My latest book, It Starts With You, reveals every step of the process.

Inside, I'll share the secret to both getting your needs met and resolving past hurts that I use to get both spouses feeling appreciated with no more resentment or anger toward each other.

I'll also share how I rebuild attraction and love without feeling like "work." 

The book also includes case studies of couples I helped coach to transform their marriages detailing the problems they faced and how we conquered them, challenges I faced in my own marriage, as well as raw, unfiltered truth about what causes strain in marriage, and many more lessons that you can put into practice starting TODAY to re-ignite the spark and remove that emotional distance or toxicity in your marriage.

I wrote this book to help you heal and elevate your marriage by getting your spouse to acknowledge the problems, care about solving them, and be invested in your marriage's success.

And if you want more intimacy (both emotional & physical), past hurts resolved, or more peace in your home, It Starts With You can become your step-by-step guide to accomplishing that, rather than ending up divorced or in a marriage that makes you miserable.

This is the very first time I've revealed many of the methods I have used to create a passionate marriage and peaceful home. You’ll only find them in this book, It Starts With You

At 148 pages, it only takes an afternoon to read but will be the best few hours you ever spend to create a marriage with more joy and harmony.

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  • BONUS #3: Simple Solution to “He tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen”

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Bonus #1:

Decision-Making Worksheet to Determine if Your Marriage is Worth Saving

Here’s How People on the Brink of Divorce Are Using a Decision-Making Worksheet to Determine if the Marriage is Worth Saving.
Inside It Starts With You, you’ll discover how we transform and elevate marriages. You’ll see how our personal empowerment method works in my marriage and for our clients, and we’ll provide case-study breakdowns of problems married couples face and how to overcome them.

If you are considering Divorce or Separation, Do you also want to know whether your marriage is worth saving?  

In this Decision-Making Worksheet, I’ll show you how a Professional Marriage Coach approaches the decision.

We’ll look at the problems, the opportunities, the pro's, the con's, and identify the most important factors to your decision so that you can feel confident in knowing what the next step is for you...

You’ll see how our method compares to other “decision making criteria” out there so you can determine if our model is the best fit for your goals.

Get This Worksheet at NO COST When You Order a Digital Copy of It Starts With You.

Bonus #2:

What To Do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out"

How I Restore Love in 1 week Using the "Fishing Hook" Method
Inside this bonus training, What To Do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out", you’ll discover the process we use to get your spouse invested in your marriage's success.

Using the "Fishing Hook" Method is a very different process than you might be used to seeing.

You've probably tried pursuing them harder, or maybe the opposite end of "no contact".  
In this training, you’ll get a better understanding of how neither of those strategies are the real key, and what you can do starting TODAY (and if you find yourself here, this book and bonus training should be a priority - don't wait if your spouse is distant!)

You’ll discover how the "Fishing Hook" Method gets them back on the line, biting the bate, and getting reeled in…

...without them fighting against you. 

Here’s the best part: You don’t even need to have a "checked out" or spiritually distant spouse to learn and apply the lessons.

As long as you’re interested in creating a marriage that brings joy to both you and your spouse, you can start using the "Fishing Hook" Method.

What To Do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out"… at NO COST With Today’s Order

Bonus #3:

Simple Solution to "He Tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen"

Discover the secret belief-shift that helps couples quickly and easily resolve the age-old problem of frustration when a Wife wants to vent to a good listener and a Husband wants to solve her problems...
The next bonus training you’ll receive when you purchase It Starts With You is my Simple Solution to "He tries to solve her problems, she just wants him to listen".

In this video training you’ll discover the small belief shift that forever ends the all-too-common marital issue of wives not feel heard because their husband wants to solve their problems, and husbands feeling frustrated that they have to hear about problems that their wife doesn't want solved.

This framework is how we consistently take this "communication problem" and turn it into a healing, spiritual intimacy building talk that makes both husbands and wives happier.

Discover a new perspective of how to look at this problem, it's root, and it's natural, obvious conclusion that doesn't rely on compromise or putting up with something you don't enjoy. 

Not every marriage has this problem, but it is VERY common to varying degrees. Even if you haven't struggled with it in your marriage, this new understanding will allow you to truly appreciate your spouse's unique tendencies.

Get this simple solution, use it with the method you’re about to discover in the book, or use it by itself to quickly solve a frequent source of frustration in marriage.

The Simple Solution to "He Wants to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen"… INCLUDED FOR FREE.

It Starts With You is just $4.99 and you’ll get an immediate digital download plus all 3 of the bonuses listed above at no additional cost.

Order your digital copy today and get the exact method I’ve used in my own and clients' marriages to create a Passionate Marriage & Peaceful Home.

You've Never Heard a Marriage Counselor Say This Before... It Only Takes ONE to Transform a Marriage.

If you’re ready to try the method we use to build intimacy and trust while restoring your marriage to better than it's ever been without worrying about wondering if there's even a point...

Having a marriage that makes others envious and beg to know your secret...

Getting all of your needs met with a spouse that values and appreciates you...

Finding more success and fulfillment in life with the help of a supportive, encouraging spouse...

...and eliminating the cold shoulder, pouting, toxic arguments, and bitterness that builds up so that you can finally relax and enjoy each other again.

My latest book, It Starts With You, can show you exactly how.

The advantages of using this method are outlined in the book, but at the very core of this method are these realities:

-> You must take personal responsibility to start creating the change, because waiting on your spouse to change makes you feel helpless and powerless, leaving you STUCK.

-> You must be sincere in both your communication and your actions in order to get your spouse to care and value you and the marriage.

-> You must make sure you both feel heard, valued, and acknowledged for who you are.

I believe this is the best way to resolve hurts and heal wounds because it avoids relying on your spouse to take initiative and empowers you to change things, even if your spouse isn't on board (yet!). 

If you’re ready to stop feeling angry and bitter toward your spouse (and them feeling that way toward you)...

Click “Yes! I Want the Book + Bonuses” below, get your digital copy of It Starts With You and let me show you our unique approach so that you can elevate your marriage to new heights.

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  • A Digital Copy of the One Book Millions Method
  • Decision-Making Worksheet to Determine if Your Marriage is Worth Saving 
  • What to do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out"
  • Simple Solution to "He Tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen"

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Just $4.99

You’ll receive It Starts With You digital book, a MOBI file for your e-reader, Kindle, or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of It Starts With You…

  • How We Completely Resolve Hurts  no matter how deeply they've been buried or how long they've been festering.
  • Case-Study Examples showing you how we use this method for individuals and couples including an in-depth look at the types of problems we think It Starts With You is best suited to solve.
  • The Exact Path We Follow to take toxic, mean marriages to passionate, peaceful lovers in just a few weeks.
  • Creating Attraction Overnight - Many of our clients have gone from a "dead bedroom" with sex only a couple times a year to not being able to keep their hands off each other and more pleasure and intimacy than they've had since they first got married.
  • The Success Formula - Using the secret "Success Formula" is how I stumbled my way through figuring all of this out in my own marriage and practically guarantees results.
  • ​​The Reason We’re Able to Transform Marriages Even If Your Spouse Isn't Onboard and a look inside how you can get your spouse interested in making things better.
  • Peace and Harmony in As Little As 3 Days - Get the process we use to make it happen and see why all it takes are a few small shifts in how you handle things.
  • “Love on Demand” - How I’m easily able to follow this proven, repeatable system to create on-demand love for myself and my clients without having to worry about your spouse just appeasing you.
  • ​All While Progressing at Work And With Kids so that when energy is applied to the marriage it isn't "stolen" from other places it's needed.
  • ​100+ Year-Old Empowerment Secret Revealed: Discover the empowerment that our great grandparents knew for achieving results in ANY area, and how to apply it to your marriage.
  • The 10 Red Flags You're Headed for Divorce and what to do RIGHT NOW if you are seeing the warning signs.
  • “Mistake Proofing” Your Marriage and how the simplicity of personal responsibility can make your next move crystal clear instead of constantly second-guessing if you are doing the right thing (even when everything else goes wrong).
  • The Problem With Advice (what most giving marriage advice get wrong) - Why we use guidance instead of just giving action-level advice leaving you stuck when it doesn't work.
  • ​​Friendship vs Passion: Which one is better? If you’ve never considered whether you were trying to have a friend vs a passionate lover, don't skip this breakdown explaining how they are different.
  • The 10 Signs of Low Self Worth: An in-depth look at how low self worth affects marriages and how to raise your self worth starting TODAY.
  • How to Prevent and Resolve Hurts from start to finish, including the unusual method I use to ensure it happens IMMEDIATELY instead of letting it grow by ignoring it.
  • Why Personal Responsibility Works and why you won’t need to beg, plead, or punish your spouse into changing.
  • ​The Understanding of Underlying dynamics - There are all sorts of things at play affecting your relationship, learn what's really going on so that you are no longer frustrated by what your spouse is "supposed" to do.
  • Why Marriage is "Hard" - Learn the rules of the game so that it's fun and enjoyable instead of frustrating and difficult.
  • ​No More Gaslighting: Ever feel like your spouse isn't telling you the truth about what's REALLY going on - how your spouse really feels and why they act the way they do?
  • ​How to Reignite the Spark  and develop passion, even if you've been living as roommates for years (or even decades).
  • Get Your Spouse's Total Buy-in - Discover a path that can have your spouse 100% on board with making changes to improve your marriage.
  • What if Your Spouse Has Pride? If your spouse never wants to apologize or get help, and thinks they know better than everyone else - understand this key to addressing it.
  • Marriage Counseling Hasn't Worked - Learn a new process and why a majority of couples who see marriage counselors say their marriage is WORSE OFF afterwards.
  • The Reality of "Forgiveness"  and why you can't just forgive and move on in a marriage without addressing the issue.
  • Why Shared Power is Necessary, the role that power plays (whether we want it to or not!) and why Shared Power is the only way EITHER spouse will be happy.
  • Lessons From a Couple that went from Sex Twice/Year to Twice/Week - Find out what I used to reconnect a couple married 20+ years who had grown apart.
  • ​​What if You Could Be Fully in Love, Even if it's Completely Gone? No more struggling with “Do I even want to save this marriage? Maybe it's not worth it."
  • Recovering from Affairs - Discover how a client went from losing weight distraught at thoughts of what his wife was doing behind his back to totally confident that he understood what she REALLY wanted and knew he was giving it to her so that he didn't have to worry anymore.
  • Men's vs Women's Needs, why they are different, how to get your own needs met and meet your partner's.
  • No More Enabling and why "Nice Guys/Girls" (people-pleasers) end up miserable, as do their spouses.
  • Avoiding Arguments and what you can do instead to keep the passion and excitement, while minimizing conflict.
  • Rebuild Trust - Trust doesn't take "time", it takes a specific process to create and restore by addressing how the trust was broken in a way that makes the spouse feel empowered and confident.
  • Why Does It Start With You? - I’ve built a coaching business called “Starts With You Coaching” that helps people level up their lives and marriages... but why does it "Start With You" and how is that different from just regular marriage help (the answer is in chapter 5)?
  • Fluff-Free - There’s a reason the book you’re about to read was written the way I speak, direct, and to the point. You’ll discover exactly what you need to know without having to wade through hundreds of pages of boring, rehashed filler you've heard before.
  • Raw Truth - You need to see what's really going on in your marriage and what's really causing the problems in order to make smart changes.
  • Get Crystal Clear on What a Happy, Healthy Marriage Looks Like  and what it DOESN'T look like, so that you can know where you are heading.
  • Can You Do This In Your Marriage? I can tell you exactly how my spouse will treat me tomorrow, and it gives me great joy to wake up excited for it. If you'd like this kind of dependability from your spouse, let me show you how I do it in Chapter 2. 
  • Stop Saying “Yes” When You Shouldn't - The #1 reason people tell their spouse “yes” is because of pressure to make their spouse happy. See how this method can help you say “no” (chapter 2).
  • Struggling to Solve the Wrong Problems? Most couples waste 80% of their efforts solving problems that don’t matter. The included self-assessments help you better determine where your time and effort should be spent.
  • How Men & Women's Differences Compliment Each Other - When you don't understand and value each other's differences, you feel constantly frustrated. Learn the key!
  • The Most Common Reason for Divorce it boils down to one particular reason, and it's not incompatibility!
  • ​​Healthy Boundaries - what they are and how to enforce them, including the #1 MOST IMPORTANT Boundary that you MUST enforce in your marriage.
  • The Reason “Communication” Often Doesn't Work and why it's not the answer to every marital problem.
  • Why the Love DISAPPEARS in So Many Marriages - There is a cause for Lost Love, when you understand it you can prevent and even REVERSE it.
  • How Personal Issues Show Up in Marriage - Problems often have a source that is deeper than the marriage itself.
  • “Is It Worth it to Make Waves?” - Know whether you should even bother to make the changes, or if it's just not worth it.
  • Get Family & Friends Asking "What's Your Secret?" - Because this book transform your marriage, family and friends will notice and be envious. They'll want to know the secret to your success!
  • Stop Giving Your Spouse the Power - Do you feel like your spouse has all the power in the relationship? Learn how to re-establish the power so that it's shared.
  • Opposites Attract - Applying just this principle helps reduce friction in your marriage.
  • 4 Examples of Marriage Transformations - Four couples with very different problems, and what we did to transform them to Happy, Healthy marriages.
  • Here’s What the “Gurus” Get Wrong - The answer to “why is it so hard to have a Happy, Healthy Marriage?” might surprise you.
  • It’s Getting Harder to Have a Thriving Marriage and the type of change you need to make to reclaim yours.
  • Everyone Needs Help and guidance that values their truth while learning new skills in order to create a different result.
  • Why You Shouldn’t "Be Supportive" when it enables your spouse to be a worse version of themselves.
  • Is Personal Empowerment Right for Your Marriage? Inside the It Starts With You Book, you can complete the 12+ included self-assessments to determine if this model is a good fit for your marriage.
  • The #1 Reason It’s In Your Best Interest to Be Honest - If you have avoided being honest, find out why it's even better to be honest.
  • It’s Your Job to Help Your Spouse, Not to Manipulate Them  you can't control or manipulate your spouse into doing anything they don't want to do. You want them to WANT to change!
  • And much, much more!
It Starts With You contains everything you’ll need to understand and implement this method (and a bit more). Every marriage is unique, but these lessons apply universal concepts.

The price of It Starts With You is just $4.99.

Your digital copy of It Starts With You will be delivered to your inbox right away so you can start discovering how to restore or elevate your marriage.

Your purchase today also includes the 3 bonuses at no extra cost.

I know this seems like information overload, but I’ve done my best to organize It Starts With You so you’ll be able to immediately gain new insights you can rapidly apply…

...while having a blueprint you can follow to resolve old hurts, restore intimacy and attraction, finally feel valued, and have a marriage others envy.

I’m also including the 3 bonuses above at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus courses and workshops are designed to compliment what you’ll learn inside It Starts With You.

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Here’s My Promise...

Here’s a simple promise:

It Starts With You will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how we transform marriages from toxic or cold to passionate and peaceful.

You’ll get a behind the curtain look at how we give YOU the power to change anything you aren't satisfied with in your marriage. I’ll give you all of the details, and more...nothing is held back.

You’ll read It Starts With You and follow along in the included bonus training materials…

...and I guarantee you’ll discover new insights you haven’t thought about, perspectives that can help your marriage thrive, or take-away examples you can immediately use to create more joy in your life.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

...just let my team know with a quick email to and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

This Is a One-Year Guarantee

That means you have 365 days to go through the book and all the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. This is a 365-day money back guarantee.

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  • A Digital Copy of It Starts With You
  • Decision-Making Worksheet to Determine if Your Marriage is Worth Saving 
  • What to do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out"
  • Simple Solution to "He Tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen"

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You’ll receive It Starts With You digital book, a MOBI file for your e-reader, Kindle, or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.

Chris Parsons
I Empower Marriage Transformation
Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve been working with married individuals since 2017.

Here are a few of the problems I've helped clients solve in their marriage:
  • Toxic, Heated Arguments
  • "Dead Bedroom" (sexless marriage)
  • Feeling Unappreciated and Not Valued
  • ​Bitterness and Resentfulness
  • ​Feeling Inadequate
  • Broken Trust
  • Emotional Walls
  • ​Critical Spouse
  • ​And many, many more.
Back in 2017, I started helping individuals who were struggling in their marriage...

Telling them what I had done to fix things in their own marriage.

That taught me about the level where changes in marriage really come from and crystallized the process for radically transforming marriage. 

Turning a Small Shift into a Total Marriage Transformation

After helping married individuals, instead of couples, I found that it only takes ONE to start the change.

I intuitively knew that, because I had started the change in my marriage, but it really showed the power of taking personal responsibility...

I was never only concerned with my own happiness in marriage. I knew that if my wife wasn't happy, any happiness I found for myself would be short-lived, and that I couldn't make her happy without also valuing my own happiness. But it was really embracing personal empowerment that changed everything for me.

Almost every aspect of my marriage improved after embracing my own power and responsibility to create change.

Over time, I’ve worked to perfect the process, identifying every key ingredient to a Happy, Healthy Marriage and finding the special mechanism that makes it work.

While I certainly did not “invent” marriage coaching, I believe we’ve optimized the process for the state of today’s marriages. 

Marriages today have a lot of pressure, expectations, social conditioning, and shallow "tricks" that have kept people stuck.

Inside the book, you’ll discover how I’ve transformed my own marriage as well as my clients'.

You’ll find an unusual method I use to restore attraction and love in even the most angry, aloof, and distant marriages…

And you’ll read over 150 pages of insights, lessons, and strategies we’ve learned by working with clients with a wide range of initial problems.

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll read It Starts With You and you’ll be able to replicate my results.

What I can promise is that you’ll discover take-away insights, methods, and strategies that you can immediately implement into your marriage…

...and you’ll discover an approach to using personal empowerment to start the change in your marriage even if your spouse doesn't want to change.

I hope you enjoy reading It Starts With You.

After you’ve finished it (or even before), send me an email and let me know what you think of it.

See you on the inside,

Chris “The Marriage Whisperer” Parsons

Get It Starts With You + All 3 Bonuses

For Just $4.99

  • A Digital Copy of It Starts With You
  • Decision-Making Worksheet to Determine if Your Marriage is Worth Saving 
  • What to do RIGHT NOW If Your Spouse is Distant or "Checked Out"
  • Simple Solution to "He Tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen"

Get Everything Above Today for

Just $4.99

You’ll receive It Starts With You digital book, a MOBI file for your e-reader, Kindle, or tablet, and all of the included bonuses.


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